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Who are we?

Video Encoding

What is Easy h.264?

Easy h.264 is a simple command line generator for FFMPEG. It allows you to encode high quality, low bitrate h.264 videos which are suitable for distributing or uploading your content with ease. It has full support for YouTube and other video streaming services.


You can download the latest version of Easy h.264 below. Updates will be coming late 2011 with built in progress bars, image sequence rendering and direct YouTube uploading.

Latest Version: 0.6r (ZIP, RAR)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I extract just the .exe or everything?

It’s important that you exact everything contained within the archive you downloaded. There are files in the /bin/ folder that are required for Easy h.264 to run.

Q: Where is the best place to extract the files on a more permanent basis?

Anywhere that doesn’t need permissions to run. Often “Program Files” needs higher privileges that the application does not yet take care of – thus causing running problems.

Q: I press encode and it instantly says it’s encoded!

Unfortunately, this is a bug down to the program either failing the conversion instantly – or not being able to find the produced tmp.bat file. Makes sure you have extracted *everything* within the archive and you’re running in Administrator mode.

Q: Does it only support 720p?

Currently, the application will output the same resolution it gets in on HD presets. For example, Extreme+ HD will output a 1080p file if the source file is 1080p.


If you have any problems that are not answered in the FAQ please email matt@tweevo.com or get in touch.